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You where just rear-ended in an accident

Lots of emotions are going through your head: What the Heck, This person just hit me, How I’m I going to pay for these medical bills, My neck hurts, My CAR!!!!!!! Lots of our patients at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic deal with these same circumstances. We saw a lot of patients that have been in an […]

I was just in an car accident and I don’t have any pain

Pain is subjective and not the end all be all if you suffered any damage. My pain level is different than your pain level. What we do in our office is do objective tests to make sure you didn’t suffer any damage. I want you to reference our previous blog titled the ER said I […]

I can’t go to the chiropractor because I don’t have health insurance

I can’t go to the chiropractor because I don’t have health insurance or how much is this going to cost me? This is another common question we get all the time at our office. When you get into a car accident: most of the time you have coverage for your injuries via auto insurance. Again […]

I went to the hospital after car accident and they said I was fine

I have had many patients come into my office that said I still have this neck pain even though the ER said I was fine. Now this is not an don’t go to the ER blog. It is one of these best things you should do after an accident. They are making sure you aren’t […]

Why I need a Lawyer after my car accident

When you see as many auto patients as we do we get asked this questions a lot. Disclaimer I’m not giving legal advice this is just what we have seen in our office. Please contact an attorney for the legal advice. When I get asked this question I tell the patient the adjuster is working […]

Heart Problems and Chiropractic?

Mark came in at the end of December/ early of January because he was having neck pain from a whiplash injury he suffered. I went over how the brain is connected to every tissue, organ, and cell via the nervous system. He then brought up that he was having some heart issues that started after […]

Been In an Accident?

When most people come into our office or any office in America there are always some standard questions that are asked. One of them is “where you in an accident?” The reason we do this is because most people suffer significant injuries that are going undiagnosed. We have patients come in time and time again […]

Do you have low back pain?

Low back pain is the largest disabler of people in the world. It is estimated that about 80% of the worlds population will suffer from low back pain in their life and at least one half of all Americans admit to having low back pain each year! So what causes low back pain and how […]

Wow What a Week

This was one of those weeks you look at the calendar and your like it’s go time. We had a lot of our corporate and businesses talks but we also talked in front of a brand new group, The Mother’s of Multiples. Amazing organization where Dr. Sean gave a fantastic talk on chiropractic and pregnancy. […]

Do You Have a Wellness Program?

We want to thank all of the amazing companies we are working with to make their workplace healthier and more efficient. We are currently working with 12 different companies on our wellness programs. What we do in these wellness programs is that we come in and do a quick well-ten talk and bring a complimentary […]