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Been In an Accident?

When most people come into our office or any office in America there are always some standard questions that are asked. One of them is “where you in an accident?” The reason we do this is because most people suffer significant injuries that are going undiagnosed. We have patients come in time and time again and we look at their X-rays and see that they did suffer an injury that was more than likely from their accident in the past.

So why are these injuries so hard to diagnose? Not all providers are trained to look at the spine like we are. It isn’t their field of expertise or their specialty. At Peak Potential we have gone through extensive training on how to diagnose and properly treat a whiplash injury. Properly treat is the key word here. We have a 4 step protocol to help us come up with the proper diagnosis and grade of injury so we can follow International Chiropractic Association (ICA) guidelines to make sure the patient gets back to their pre accident form.

Some whiplash take months to years to heal and that is why we want to properly diagnose this so we can set up the right course of treatment. We have seen time and time again that patients have came in after not receiving enough treatment and now have to pay out of pocket for something that could have easily been covered under the original accident. If you know anyone that has been in an accident please contact us at 281-719-5004 so we can properly diagnose the severity of their injury and put them on the proper treatment plan.

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