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Ear Infections

Let’s be honest, I spend a lot of time looking at Facebook. I am part of multiple parenting pages, in addition to my own friends who are parents, and one of the most commonly brought up topics is ear infections. It’s so common in fact, that most people have come to the conclusion that ear […]

Heart Problems and Chiropractic?

Mark came in at the end of December/ early of January because he was having neck pain from a whiplash injury he suffered. I went over how the brain is connected to every tissue, organ, and cell via the nervous system. He then brought up that he was having some heart issues that started after […]

Do You Have a Wellness Program?

We want to thank all of the amazing companies we are working with to make their workplace healthier and more efficient. We are currently working with 12 different companies on our wellness programs. What we do in these wellness programs is that we come in and do a quick well-ten talk and bring a complimentary […]

Holiday Stress

The Holidays Are Here!It’s that time of year again. Christmas is just 2 weeks away and everyone has one thing in common. We are all STRESSED! There is a million reasons to be stressed this time of year everything from shopping for gifts to work is just a little bit more taxing right now.What people […]

A Lot To Be Thankful For This Year

I was on Facebook the other day and one of my memories came up and it was my dog Moose in the snow!! Wow what a difference a year makes. We are now in Texas where when I saw frost on my windshield I was like this isn’t right. We have a lot to be […]