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Neck Stiffness And Neck Pain


Neck Pain & Stiffness

Some neck pain could be related to your occupation. People sitting in the same position for long stretches of time may encounter neck stiffness. Other occupations that require repetitive movement of the head and neck may feel fatigue and soreness in the supporting head-and-neck muscles. Such situations may bring on muscle tension and ultimately irritate nerves and blood vessels in the neck.

Common signs that you need to schedule a consultation:

  • Can no longer turn their head as far as they used to.
  • Driving and couldn’t check their blind spots.
  • Always rubbing their neck or rolling their neck.
  • Cannot get comfortable at night when they are sleeping.

Reason For Neck Pain

Strains to the cervical vertebrae are another regular reason for neck pain. Strains may be a result of the forceful movement, strenuous lifting, or trauma such as whiplash. Symptoms or neck pain may include headaches, numbness, tingling in the arms and legs, and localized swelling and inflammation.

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