Maddy had been coming in for constipation and Mom wanted a more long term solution. She came to Peak Potential and found the answers she was looking for.

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Patient presented with neck stiffness. Her range of motion increased significantly with care, She has also had a reduction of her chronic migraines! If you have been suffering from neck stiffness or migraines in the area of Houston, Spring, Tomball, Conroe, or Magnolia we would love to help.

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Bob was rear ended and started developing neck pain. He reached out to us and we did a through evaluation and found he suffered some significant damage. We see a lot of car accidents at our office at peak potential.

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Mason suffered from multiple ear infections before he came to Peak Potential. Listen to their story on how chiropractic helped Mason.

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Mark came in because of a whiplash injury. After I talked to him about how every nerve is connected to every tissue, organ, and cell he asked me about his heart issue. After treatment he was able to get his heart flutters under control and be able to get back to running.

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Listen to Erin’s story on how she had back pain during her pregnancy and how Dr. Krissy was able to help her at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic. Dr. Krissy is located in The Woodlands, TX and help people in Spring, Conroe, Willis, and Houston.

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Patient had so much leg pain he had to physically stop what he was doing and pound on his leg to get the pain to subside. All of this while under chiropractic care at a different clinic. Find out what the Peak Potential difference is and check out Mikes business.

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See what our customers are saying

  • Peter Roman

    I’ve been having constant back pain for many years, nothing has helped alleviate it, until I started seeing Dr Zack. After the first adjustment I already felt a great difference. After a week I was pain free for the first time in many years. My wife and children also see Dr. Krissy weekly and all their health has improved. We look forward to our weekly adjustments.

  • Rick M.

    They corrected my hip problems haven't had an issue since. They are very flexible with scheduling which helps me a great deal being a business owner myself...

  • Erin M.

    I have been a regular of Peak potential family chiropractic for over two years now. I am on my feet everyday and going here has allowed me to do my job...

  • Rose A

    Our son started coming during the summer time because of constant ear infections, as of today he has not had a single ear infection to date! We are so happy to see his overall health improve! Dr. Krissy is amazing with him and he LOVES to come. We were so happy with our experience we signed up for weekly adjustments as a family and we are so happy we did!

  • Marina Anglin

    Dr. Krissy is AMAZING! My 12 month old was struggling with ear pain. We were a sleepless home and nothing was helping. After reaching out to a group on Facebook seeking advice, Dr. Krissy offered to help us. She saw us a few hours later (on a day she typically doesn’t see new patients) and was so sweet, caring, helpful, and I am so so grateful we found her! The staff was also a 10/10. Already scheduled with her again. I’m so thankful they squeezed us in and took the time to help us. It speaks volumes as to who they are as a practice.

  • Patricia S.

    I brought my 4 month old daughter in to see Dr. Krissy to treat her tummy discomfort. She's struggled with gas, constipation, pain during bowel movements,...

  • Skyler Coulliette

    I love Peak Potential Family Chiropractic. They’re super welcoming and understanding. They have helped me so much and I’ve only been going there for about 4 months. The changes I’ve seen in this short amount of time are incredible.

  • Monalisa Kupolati

    I had a great experience each time I've visited. Jessica is really in top of things. The staff is very nice. The office is clean, smells great and asterically pleasing. The doctor does wonders.