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I was just in an car accident and I don’t have any pain

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Pain is subjective and not the end all be all if you suffered any damage. My pain level is different than your pain level. What we do in our office is do objective tests to make sure you didn’t suffer any damage. I want you to reference our previous blog titled the ER said I was fine, if you want to understand the phases of degeneration. We do multiple objective tests

  • Functional X-rays
  • CRMA
  • MRI
  • Dynamic EMG


Functional X-rays
These X-rays are taken to help see if you suffered any instability of the spine. The main goal in this test is to see how the bones are functioning when you bend your head forward and then bend your head backwards.

This is a test that uses the images of the Functional X-ray to see if you suffered ligament damage. These ligaments are not seen on the MRI and they make up 90% of the connective tissue in the neck that isn’t being diagnosed. If it isn’t diagnosed it can’t be treated right?

This helps us diagnose any disc herniations. Some common symptoms after an auto injury is pain traveling down the arm. This usually is a neck problem. This combined with the CRMA let us see all the soft tissue.

Dynamic EMG
Another test that helps accurately record Range of Motion (ROM). It also takes it one step forward any can record if a person has any muscle guarding. Why this is important. Think of comparing the ROM of a yoga instructor and someone like me not that flexible. For a Yoga instructor they may still fall within the normal ROM but previously they could get way past the normal ROM. This test will indicate if they have any pain while doing the ROM. Very powerful tool.

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