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I went to the hospital after car accident and they said I was fine

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I have had many patients come into my office that said I still have this neck pain even though the ER said I was fine. Now this is not an don’t go to the ER blog. It is one of these best things you should do after an accident. They are making sure you aren’t having any internal bleeding or broke anything. There limitations though are they aren’t looking to see if you suffered anything from the injury that can cause you long-term pain. They are set up to treat you for the long term care it takes to treat a whiplash injury. I have always compared ERs to the fire department. You call them when your house is on fire, you don’t call them when the gutters need cleaning or the roof needs patching.

When you get into an auto accident you lose the curve in your neck. Your neck is meant to have a curve to help support the weight of your head. Now that the curve is gone your body starts to have abnormal stresses placed on the spine.  This is why we see so many people come into our office two years after an accident with degeneration in their spine. They are like “I was in an accident two years ago.” Then I have to tell them about how you see how your spine is straight here putting pressure on these bones causing them to break down. Even though I know it’s more than likely started from the accident, no insurance company would ever let them treat under the accident. Now the patient is stuck with the bill out of his or her own pocket.

This is why it’s a big passion of ours to treat people that where in accidents. Stop the problem at the origination instead of trying to treat it while the bones are breaking down.  For more information on this visit our website or feel free to call our office 281-719-5004 for Woodlands location and 281-719-9708 for Champion Forest.

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