When someone gets into an auto accident they are assuming that where they are going is going to give them the answers they need. This isn’t always the case. Some doctors know more about certain topics so it’s very important that you find the right doctor after you get into an accident.

If you go to your MD or ER they are going to make sure you don’t have any life threatening injuries. They are going to make sure you aren’t going to die. They see so many people a day that they are not set up to see patient for multiple times a week or for multiple weeks.

What we do in our office is make sure they didn’t suffer any mechanically issue. We take flexion/extension films so we can see if any whiplash actually happened. “Clinical instability and abnormal motion can be demonstrated with flexion/extension radiographs or video fluoroscopy.” Also with these films we take it one step further and send them out for CRMA. This is a special set of films that can tell if someone has suffered any ligament damage. The standard practice right now is MRI, which is a fantastic test that shows if the disc has any damage. The problem with this is that the disc only makes up only 10% of the soft tissue. The CRMA gets the other 90% of the soft tissue.

This is why if you have been in an accident it is important to get checked out by one of our doctors at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic either in The Woodlands 281-719-5004 or Champion Forest 281-719-9708.

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