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It was Just a Minor Accident

Chiropractic Whiplash

I have written many blogs lately about the importance of getting checked out after you have been in an accident. It’s a huge passion of ours at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic because there is a chronic neck pain epidemic going on and I full heartedly believe that this is because people are not getting properly checked out after an accident. Do you know the speed it takes to cause damage to the neck? Some research out of Yale says it takes 8.2 mph and other research indicates even lower if your head is not properly placed against the headrest. “If the head is not in direct contact with the head restraint at the time of impact, injuries are possible even with low-speed impacts.

I had very low property damage so my insurance company is telling me I couldn’t have suffered an injury. This is complete BS because they don’t have medical degrees. A couple quotes out of a paper written by Dan Murphy “

Current federal bumper requirements are designed to reduce vehicle damage, not personal injury (U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 215).  At very low speeds of 1-2.5 mph, neck injuries can occur if either the headrest or an “elastic bumper stay” do not perform their protective functions. Even with optimal head restraints, the “ramping” effect of low-speed rear-end impacts eliminates most of the protective benefit from the head restraint and may even increase the severity of the injuries through the fulcrum effect. The ramping effect on the occupant causes the torso, shoulders, neck and head to rise along the path of the seat belt by 3.5 in.

These are some powerful statements going along with my point that property damage doesn’t indicate damage to the spine. I want you to visualize a half drunken milk jug. Now hit it with your hand. What happens? The milk gets jostled around bouncing off the walls of jug, but what happens to the jug? Nothing, no damage, zero. This is the exact same thing that happens to your spine when you are in a car accident.

This is why if you have been in an accident it is important to get checked out by one of our doctors at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic either in The Woodlands 281-719-5004 or Champion Forest 281-719-9708.


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