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What Pill or Drug Will Ever Get that Bone To Move?

addicted pain medications

I got an email this morning about the increase concern of opioid addiction and low back pain. Our two offices live in this world of back pain and when you are in it day in and day out you don’t realize the struggles people are having. Being a chiropractor and not being able to talk about drugs you don’t realize it’s problem. You see people coming in for back/neck pain and getting better without the use of drugs or prescriptions. I never once think wow there is so many people struggling with this addiction because they don’t know there are alternatives that don’t rely on taking pills for the rest of their life.

We sit down with each patient and show them how their spine is working. The most rewarding thing I think about our profession is we are not the first, the second, or third choice. We are most people’s last option. Could you imagine having a problem manifest for years and then finally get a chance to fix it. It puts at a huge disadvantage but I love hearing stories of how we have tried XYZ over the last 5 years and now I’m meeting you and we are getting results. I don’t think we have a magical formula but we look at the spine and where those nerves go and if we find a problem we can help get it corrected.

If a bone in the back isn’t moving properly and putting pressure on the nerve what pill or drug is ever going to correct that? None!!!! This is why we do something different and we adjust to help the body heal properly. This is why I love what we do and take an inside out philosophy instead of outside in philosophy. We look at the spine for the cause of the problem not look at the symptom that is being presented.

If you have been down this road we have an office in The Woodlands 281-719-5004 and Champion Forest 281-719-9708 that are offering complimentary consultations to see if we can offer you different solutions to your back pain problems. A solution that doesn’t use pills or drugs.

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