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How Important Is a Spinal Curve?

Peak Potential is always trying to give our patients the best possible care. One of the many things that separate us is adding special training to help people get the curves back in their spine. These spinal curves develop in response to different gravitational stresses that affect the body as we grow. Once we start losing these curves gravitational stresses are put on different areas of the spinal column causing the degeneration process to increase. This is why it is so important that a patient get their subluxations and curve corrected.

First we need to show you normal and what normal is. I don’t expect anyone reading this to be an expert in reading an X-ray but what I want you to notice is how great the C-shaped curve is in this normal X-ray. When a person has a nice curve like this the weight can be distributed on the hard bony service instead of all the weight being carried on the soft tissue (disc).


Now lets look at a patient’s X-ray before she started curve. Can you see how she lost the curve? How she now has degeneration (sticky outty things on the squarish shaped bones)! How now she has numbness and tingling down her arms? This is because the nerve is being choked off and not able to communicate to whatever tissue, organ, or cell. See why muscle relaxers might not be the best form of treatment for these types of symptoms.


So first how does a person know if they lost a curve? Usually signs and symptoms are having a tight feeling in their upper back. Always rubbing or rolling their neck. More severe signs and symptoms are numbness and tingling.

What can a person do? Schedule a complimentary exam and consultation at Peak Potential is what I recommend. I might be biased. Peak Potential has some of the only doctors in the area that have been trained how to read a motion study X-Ray that can pin point what bones are moving and not moving. The patient then needs to be adjusted to remove those subluxations and placed on a spinal corrective care plan to help get that curve back in their spine.

-Image of Dr. Krissy on a denneroll getting spinal corrective care.

Peak Potential Family Chiropractic is located in The Woodlands, Tx. We are conveniently located at 2219 Sawdust Rd ste #604 Spring, TX 77380 and can be reached by phone at (281)-719-5004. While we do emphasize the importance of starting care at birth it is never too late to have your spine checked for misalignments. We see patients of all age ranges and help them to achieve a healthy spine and lifestyle through chiropractic care. As chiropractors we see patients with many different types of symptoms and some of them can be found on our website at

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