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Neck Pain

You probably aren’t reading this article unless you have neck pain. So let’s talk about it because you have questions. Why do you have neck pain? Where is the neck pain coming from? What can I do about my neck pain? Did I miss anything? Is neck pain common? Of course it is. One study […]

Causes Of Headaches

There is a good portion of the people (9 out of 10) that have headaches, and even though they might be common it’s not normal to have headaches. Headache pain can present in a number of different ways- sharp, dull, achy, throbbing, across the back of the neck, forehead or temples, the pain of headaches […]

Adult Medications Being Prescribed To Children

Did you know that every day children get prescribed a medication that has only been approved through the FDA for use in adults?  Not only that, but it has only been approved in adults for SHORT periods of time- and by that I mean 7 days.  SEVEN.  DAYS.  NOT seven weeks, not seven months, definitely […]

Head Neck And Throat – Chiropractic Care For Children

What is the top surgery performed on kids in the United States today?  If you guessed tonsillectomy then you’d be 100% correct.  Currently more than 530,000 tonsillectomies are done in the U.S. today and when we add in adenoidectomies there are about 1,460,000 per year.  So what are we looking at for costs here?  Well, […]

What causes asthma and what can we do to help?

Did you know that according to the CDC asthma is “a leading chronic illness among children and adolescents in the U.S.”?  It is also one of the leading causes of children missing school.  From 2001 to 2010 asthma rates have increased by 7.3% in the U.S.  That may not seem like much but to put […]

Ear Infections

Let’s be honest, I spend a lot of time looking at Facebook. I am part of multiple parenting pages, in addition to my own friends who are parents, and one of the most commonly brought up topics is ear infections. It’s so common in fact, that most people have come to the conclusion that ear […]